Givenchy Enters The VR Game

Whether you like it or not, technology has been taking over our lives in these last couple of years in more ways than one. We’re not talking about laptops, computers or sophisticated mobile devices; we are talking about day to day activities and objects that have been brought to the 21st century by innovative minds. And why should the fashion industry be any different?

The world of virtual and augmented reality is now seeing Givenchy entering the VR game with the help of Korean-based studio PDF Haus. Inspired by the French brand’s love of contrasting elements  – different material choices, colour themes, and product characteristics – these cool goggles are meant to play the VR game well and allow users to look super stylish while doing so.

These glasses were specially designed to make augmented reality seem even more real to users The Givenchy goggles feature a VR lens that raises easily, allowing users to access the glasses’ AR capabilities, while a more natural design benefits from side arms that reminds us of the good old standard glasses.