The Girl Next Door - Prachi Desai

With two releases this year, Prachi Desai continues to play the role of the girl next door with finesse. She’s come a long way from playing Bani in Kasamh Se that appeared on the small screen to Sakshi Shroff in Rock On and Rock On 2. In a candid conversation, she talks to us about how she got into acting and what life when she’s not working is like.

From Rock On to Rock on 2, you have come a long way. Tell us a bit about your journey so far.
It’s been quite an amazing journey that’s been mostly about being critically appreciated for every role and yet having to work hard to prove myself time and again.

Was acting always the chosen path for you?
Life threw the biggest surprise my way when I was 17, when I landed my first break while I was still (not so) busy bunking my high school classes, so no none of this was ever planned!

Your recent film Rock On 2 wasn’t as big a hit as the first film, does that disappoint you?
Hits and misses are a part and parcel of life. I don’t reel in the fate of the last Friday; you have to move on and look forward to your upcoming journey. At least that’s what I have learned over the years.

Most of your roles so far have been of a girl next door. Is that a conscious effort?
It’s been a conscious effort for the filmmakers for sure, but not for me. There is something I seem to be doing right or great in this department which is why I’m offered these roles time and again. If you actually peek into my real personality then you would see far more shades and dimensions than these, and that’s what I am waiting to explore on screen too.

What genres would you like to work in next?
A romantic film for sure...that’s one genre I have not dabbled in yet. Like a Julia Roberts kind of film, wouldn’t that be fantastic. Also, a romantic or action thriller/suspense drama.

Have you ever considered acting in regional cinema?
I would love to see other languages cinema thrive too... it’s amazing how the Marathi film industry has grown. I have not particularly given it a thought per say, but if something super interesting comes my way then I’m game!

Name an actor or actress you’d like to work with.
Vidya Balan and Ranbir Kapoor.

If you were to be part of any remake, which film would you like it to be?
Every Julia Roberts movie as well as The Intern, Priceless, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. An adaptation of a classic would also be very interesting.

What do you do when you’re not working?
 I think a lot!

Is marriage on the cards?
What’s that?!

What’s your favourite holiday destination?
Scotland and New York.

How is a day in Prachi Desai’s life spent?
On a lazy day, it would be a late start with me whipping up great eggs on toast for breakfast, followed by a 14-hour marathon of binge watching my favourite American TV shows with lots of coffee and dark chocolate. And on a normal day working day it would be lots of hard work through the day, full of shoots with lots of coffee, dark chocolate, and very little sleep.

Which was the last good movie you watched?
Arrival and Kahaani 2. 

What’s the one skill you’d like to learn?
I have been procrastinating on the idea of learning to play the guitar; that’s one skill I’ve been meaning to learn.    
                    --- as told to Niharika