Get Cooking: Pan-Seared Canadian Scallop With Cantaloupe And Beetroot And Goat Cheese With Saffron And Apricot Chutney


Pan-Seared Canadian Scallop With Cantaloupe is scrumptious seafood dish made with juicy Canadian scallops and flavourful spices. Beetroot And Goat Cheese With Saffron And Apricot Chutney is a perfect appetizer made with Beetroot and rich, creamy goat cheese. A Chef from Hyatt Hyderabad Gachibowli has shared these two recipes.

Pan-Seared Canadian Scallop With Cantaloupe

Ingredients                     Qty
Canadian scallops           120 gm
Cantaloupe                      60 gm
Basil                               5 gm
Salt                                 to taste
Mesclun greens                 30 gm
Pepper (freshly ground)     ¼ tsp
Lemon juice                      5 ml
Pomegranate seeds           10 gm
Green peas (de-husked)     30 gm
Cream                               15 ml
Extra virgin olive oil             30 ml
Panko                               10 gm
Garlic                                3 cloves

1.    Peel and place the cantaloupe in a flat vacuum bag with olive oil, salt and basil. Compress the bag with the vacuum machine. Take out three even scoops.
2.    Sauté the peas with garlic and olive oil. Cook for a minute. Add cream, puree.
3.    Heat a pan, and drizzle with olive oil and two cloves of crushed garlic. Sauté for a minute and add panko. Cook until golden and drain the oil. Set the panko crumbs aside on paper towels. Season with salt.
4.    Clean and marinate the scallops with salt, pepper and lemon juice.
5.    Heat a pan on medium and add olive oil. Once hot, carefully put the scallops in. Cook until light brown and beginning to caramelise. Flip and cook the other side.
6.    Spread the green pea sauce and put the garlic crumbs in the centre. Place the scallops on the crumb bed. Place the melon scoops and mesclun greens in between.
7.    Garnish with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pomegranate seeds.


Beetroot And Goat Cheese With Saffron And Apricot Chutney
Ingredients                     Qty
Beetroot (roasted)              1
Extra virgin olive oil            20 ml
Almond (peeled)               30 gm
Cream                             20 ml
Milk                                100 ml
Goat cheese                    80 gm
Raisin (chopped)              5 gm
Walnut (chopped)             5 gm
Apricot                            30 gm
Saffron                            0.01 gm
Cinnamon sticks              1 gm
Orange juice                   10 ml
White wine vinegar          15 ml
Sugar                             10 gm
Basil sprigs                    5 gm
Salt                               to taste
Pepper                          2 gm

1.    Thinly slice the roasted beetroot and marinate with olive oil, salt and pepper.
2.    With damp hands, roll the goat cheese, walnuts and raisins into three marble-sized balls. Refrigerate.
3.    Boil the almonds with milk until soft. Remove from heat, add cream and make a fine puree.
4.    Cook the apricot with white wine vinegar, saffron, sugar and cinnamon until the vinegar evaporates. Drizzle of orange juice and olive oil.
5.    Arrange the beetroot slices, goat cheese, almond puree and apricot chutney as desired. Garnish with basil.