Genaissance de la Mer

The essential ingredient in La Mer’s new ultra premium offering, called Genaissance de la Mer’s incredible skin care products, the Crystal Miracle Broth, was discovered several years ago by a scientist at the Max Huber Research Labs in New York. Extremely pure, this advanced broth is slowly crafted in small batches to reach its ultimate potency, to infuse the skin with the life-generating energies of the sea and nutrient-rich ingredients.

There’s also a special Genaissance Fermen, built around a rare Pom Pom Red Algae that is naturally found in the shallow waters around Corsica. Add in some natural light and refined gold, and what results is a highly active ferment that helps boost natural collagen and elastin.

The Eye and Expression Cream promises to deliver efficacy in the eyes and expression areas, including around the mouth. This comforting melting cream is said to rejuvenate and recharge the look of this especially fragile skin, while a custom massage tool, inspired by the shape and touch of sea stones, cools off and elevates the Genaissance experience to the next level.

The second addition is called Infused Lotion and features a potent nourishing supplement, created through a collision of two unexpected forms — Crystal Miracle Broth and emollients. When freshly blended, these two facets become a unique, cream-infused water that seems to float over the skin. Moments after application, your skin will recapture its healthy, vital look.

Housed in sensuous champagne-gold glass vessels, the Genaissance de la Mer The Eye and Expression Cream (15 ml) retails at $600 while Genaissance de la Mer The Infused Lotion (150 ml) can be had for $400.