Geang Kiaw Warn Gai Yang and Tord Man Goong

Ingredients                                   Qty

chicken breast                                  2
pea eggplant                                  10 gm
basil                                             10 gm
red chilli                                       10 gm
green curry paste                          30 gm
coconut milk                                 50 ml
fish sauce                                     30 gm
white pepper                                 10 gm
sugar                                           20 gm
oil                                                30 ml
garlic                                           10 gm
oyster sauce                                 10 gm
chicken broth powder                   10 gm


1.   Sauté the green curry paste with cooking oil till you get a good aroma.
2.   Add the coconut milk and let it simmer till it is a thick sauce consistency.
3.   Marinate chicken with oyster sauce, garlic and white pepper. Grill till done.
4.   Pour the curry sauce on top of the grilled chicken breast.
5.   Garnish with basil and julienned red chillies.

Ingredients                         Qty

white prawn                        150 gm
egg                                        1
bread crumbs                       50 gm
batter flour                           10 gm
salt                                      5 gm
white pepper                        5 gm
chicken broth powder           5 gm
sesame oil                            5 ml


1.   Mince the prawn meat. Add all the ingredients except the bread crumbs.
2.   Make the batter into donut shaped pieces.
3.   Cover each with bread crumbs and deep fry in till golden brown.
4.   Serve with plum sauce.