Gamut of All Joy

Tanishaa Mukerji is popular across Hindi, Marathi, Telugu and Tamil cinema. She recently travelled to the US and London, England. Read on to find out more about her journey to the western hemisphere.
When an individual tires of London, he tires of life. London, thou art the flower of cities all, gamut of all joy, jasper of jocundity! One of the things most likeable about the city (apart from all its obvious attractions such as the theatre, galleries and exhilarating walks by the river) would be its diverse and eclectic culture.
Statue of Liberty 
The ability to visit different parts of the city and experience distinct aspects of culture in the widest of senses is an attribute of London alone. For example, Kensington and Wembley are two divergent areas but located in the same city.
The history behind the city is also fascinating. I found the stories behind London Bridge and The Strand, as well as seeing the areas that withstood the bombings of the Second World War, loaded with historical narrative and experience.
But if London is a watercolour, then the US is an oil painting. No one can deny that these popular places boast a great deal of natural beauty, but there are some spots in the far-flung corners of the US that have mostly escaped notice. And being in America is all about its sumptuous lifestyle and splendid moments.

Hawaii is idyllic for its beaches and verdant mountains; escapism at its finest. Haena Beach Park is where you’re likely to pitch your tent and step out into the sand, and it turns out to be bargain bliss. Camping is even better when you have a fantastic waterfront view, and nothing beats forest access and panoramic vistas of the ocean; a sheer treat for people possessing an affinity for nature.
Washington DC, the nation’s capital, has a lot going for it. Iconic landmarks like Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument allow you to sightsee for days on end.
Las Vegas 
Cool, cosmopolitan, crowded and constantly evolving, words are too little to describe New York. Wandering through the concrete jungle, you discover roaring taxis pouring down bustling blocks while fast-paced pedestrians whizz past on their way to marquee galleries and innovative cocktail bars. Times Square’s neon lights flicker at all hours.
And yet the city’s twinkling lights and chaotic corners invite you to embrace every New York minute, to explore every flourishing enclave, and to create an urban adventure like never before. There are numerous ways to engage the city that never sleeps. Some of the best dining, shopping and nightlife in the world can be found there.
With Los Angeles, it’s no wonder so much of this place ends up on screen. In just about anything you watch is something familiar about that building/coffee shop/street/beach. From star-watching on Rodeo Drive and Griffith Observatory to museum-hopping between the Getty and LACMA, Los Angeles has a lot to offer.
It is the epitome of resplendence and rewards exploration with small cafés, independent book shops and art galleries, awesome music stores, the best movie-going experiences in the country, year-round farmers’ markets, live music for all tastes, a variety of culture and food, an amazing public library system, loads of significant architecture, and great parks and urban agriculture.
Then you have Sin City, which is a great getaway if you’re looking to escape the real world, however innocently or excessively you wish. Las Vegas is a city where anyone can have the time of her life; everyone is on vacation, and the energy is palpable and infectious.
The original heart of the city, the pedestrian-only section of Fremont Street, comes as a relief after the overwhelming Strip. Each casino is an easy walking distance from the next, the crowds seem less daunting, and you don’t have to jostle for room to breathe.
But it’s Vegas in the end, after all. Even if you don’t want to drop a dime, you’ll want to see what’s inside those flashy facades!