Full Throttle

Avantura Choppers, India’s first premium chopper motorcycle brand recently launched its first two models, the Rudra and Pravega – the Sanskrit names are a conscious decision to highlight its Indian roots. Headquartered in Mumbai with a manufacturing plant close to the city, these made-to-order marvellous machines have started pre-bookings. So those of you who have a liking for mean machines, read on to find out more about these new-to-the-market choppers.


Originating in the United States of America in the 1950s, Choppers (a special class of motorcycles) rapidly became a sensation among enthusiasts across the world with innovations, competitions, and a thriving Global community. However, the Indian motor-head was yet to enjoy the authentic chopper experience despite the rapidly evolving rider community. To fill this gap, Avantura Choppers was designed with unparalleled class and quality, engineered to suit the Indian riding conditions.


While Rudra stands at 2908 mm in length and sits at an incredible 344 kg (kerb), the Pravega is a tad shorter in length, at 2627 mm, and weighs 347 kg. Once you climb aboard the two masterpieces you will realise that the sloping fuel tank (of 21 litres) is larger than Rudra’s 17-litre fuel tank. Despite its long wheelbase – Rudra’s with 2,006 mm and Pravega with 2180 mm– you’ll feel nimble around the street and quick and eager on long, sweeping curves. In addition, the massive front wheel and fat rear wheel are anything but subtle. However, in comparison, Rudra stands out between the two offerings and certainly makes an appearance on the road.


Overall, with bespoke design engineering, OEM partnerships from across the globe for sourcing components, and a collaboration with American Chopper veteran Kevin Alsop, the company prides itself on bringing this global product, curated for connoisseurs, for the Indian enthusiasts. As the only Indian brand with a base engine displacement of 2000 cc, Rudra and Pravega put personal style and attitude above all else. And with a whooping price tag of Rs 23.90 lakhs for the Rudra and Rs 21.40 lakhs for the Pravega, the most-awaited India-made choppers also happen to be the most thrilling two-wheeled jewellery in the market.      – Source: Press Release