Flipkart Staff To Get Child Adoption Allowance

After relaxing maternity and paternity policies, eCommerce firm Flipkart is now offering an allowance of Rs 50,000 to employees looking to adopt children and a paid leave of 3-6 months.
 “To help offset the costs of the adoption process, Flipkart offers adopting parents Rs 50,000 allowance to use towards, agency, regulatory costs, and any other expenses that may arise during the adoption process,” the policy states.  
“Today an increasing number of young working couples are coming forward to adopt children, and a majority of them are young working professionals. According to the Central Adoption Resource Authority, for the first time in three years, adoption of children has seen a slight increase with 1,368 children finding new homes in the quarter between January-March 2015. To encourage this change in attitude as well as a fading stigma about adopting a baby in our society, Flipkart has introduced this programme,” the company said.
For children who are below 12 months, women can avail the maternity leave programme along with the benefits of the adoption assistance plan. According to the company's policy, the maternity leave plan includes 6 months of paid leave and an additional 4 months with flexible work hours.
If the child is older than a year, a mother can avail 3 months of paid leave and an additional four months of flexible working hours.
Contrastingly, men can avail 6 weeks of paid leave within the first 6 months of the adoption. They also get an additional four months of flexible working hours.

Maternity and paternal leave policy of the Bengaluru-based e-commerce giant of India have been liberalised on July 1, 2015 aiming at providing flexibility to employees to help them take care of personal commitments as well as be productive at work.
Mothers and females employees working at Flipkart can avail six months of paid leave added to this they would be offered with flexible working hours for four months with full pay.

..... Devashree Goenka