Fish Amrisar

Ingredients                                        Qty

murrel                                                 800 gm

salt                                                      10 gm

lemon                                                 60 gm

ajwain                                                 10 gm

besan                                                 150 gm

corn/riceflour                                     50 gm

deggi mirch                                        25 gm

garam masala                                   5 gm

egg (optional)                                    1             

fresh coriander                                 25 gm

garlic                                                   10          

chaat masala                                    10 gm

oil                                                         150 gm



    Cube the murrel and marinate with salt, garlic and ajwain.
    Prepare the batter by mixing together all other ingredients except oil.
    Coat the fish with the batter and fry in oil till crispy
    Serve hot with chaat masala.