Financial Freedom And Education Are Important For Women: Shabana Azmi

Veteran actress and activist Shabana Azmi believes that women must be education and be financially independent and free. Azmi, who runs an NGO called Mijwan Welfare Society, has always been vocal about her activism.

"Education and financial freedom are very important for women. It is necessary that parents and the life partner should respect a woman and take participation with her in every work. For women empowerment, it is also important that women come out from home and feel this world," Shabana said at the 'Asmita-Woman' event on Sunday, for which she was the chief guest. The programme was hosted by the Foundation for Management Research and Training (FMRT) in an effort to recognize the power of women and bring the women who have managed to make a change in society by thinking dfferent and advocating independence together. Shabana’s native village is Mijwan, and the NGO aims to promote employment, self-reliance and sustainable development.

"It is one of the examples of women empowerment. This village was famous for child marriage. I initiated (my NGO) and now this practice has been stopped there," the actress said.

She shared her chief guest post with dance exponent Shovana Narayan. Narayan said that the key to empowerment lies in being honest with your thoughts and actions.

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Courtesy – IANS