Fashion Encapsulated

Mallika Jain talks with You & I
Tell us about Fashion Capsule and how it began.
It’s a fashion and style shopping extravaganza; a day event held every four to six months that brings together dozens of boutique fashion brands and leading designers. The first Fashion Capsule was held in October 2013, and since then I have organised more than half a dozen successful events, each of which has been attended and appreciated by the crème de la crème of Delhi-NCR.

I come from a family of successful entrepreneurs, and paired with my keen interest in lifestyle and fashion, it has always been a dream to create new and effective business opportunities for other brands and entrepreneurs in the domain. It was this spirit that led me to launch Fashion Capsule, and with the success of my previous events, I now plan to take the brand to other cities and countries.
What role do you play as promoter?
I’m extremely organised, and I like to personally ensure that every last part of my events is impeccably planned and executed. As an entrepreneur, one needs to oversee each and every aspect of the venture: finances, economic research, market trends, promotions, creative aspects, fashion trends. My approach is to personally ensure the success and satisfaction of every single person associated with my events. I think it is essential that at the end of the day, you work with people who are happy working with you. I think this has turned out in my favour, as my associates and team have a blast when we work together. It doesn’t feel like a job! I also make creative decisions and even do promotional shoots with my designers, which add to our bond.
What can we look forward to?
All Fashion Capsule exhibitions have one thing in common: a kaleidoscopic variety of offerings for shoppers, from both new and established brands. From couture to prêt, ethnic to Western wear, and accessories and jewellery to footwear, our shoppers can lay their hands on a wide variety of the latest gear. I also add the luxury aspect by having fancy cars on display for that Delhi glam factor. My events also have creative themes that bring out the flavour of the season.
Mallika Jain 
You seem quite passionate about fashion and style.
Born and raised in New York, I studied fashion retail management at NIFT and got a diploma in merchandising. Having tasted success while leading the women’s collection for my family business, Jainsons Tycoon, I went on to represent an international luxury brand in New Delhi, where I experienced luxury fashion up close. Like any other woman, I love to dress up, and given my education and experience in fashion and lifestyle, even more so. I feel lucky to have designer and stylist friends who all pamper me by helping with my different looks and styles.
How do you balance your personal and professional lives?
That’s a question I’m often asked. I’m blessed with two beautiful and talented sons aged 18 and 14, with whom I spend quality time. I’m also blessed to have a supportive family by my side. We all respect each other’s callings in life while ensuring we spend enough time with each other, and that automatically brings about the balance.
What are your thoughts on women’s empowerment?
I strongly believe that it’s about women’s ability to exercise full control over their actions. Swami Vivekananda said, ‘That nation which doesn’t respect women will never become great now, nor will it in the future’. In the pursuit of making India a great nation, we should work to give women their deserved status in society.
The empowerment of women can only be achieved if their economic and social statuses are improved. This can only be made possible by adopting definite social and economic policies, with a view of total development for women, and by making them realise that they have the potential to be strong human beings. Women should be allowed to study and work in the areas of their choice.
The struggle for gender justice will be slow, strenuous and protracted, as the change cannot be brought about easily. It has to be fought on emotional, cognitive and action levels.
What are your other interests?
I’m a fitness freak and spend my early mornings sweating it out. I have a wide range of friends with whom I enjoy spending time. However, being with my family takes top priority. Reading, music and travel complete the list.            ..... as told to Niharika