Farhan Akhtar hates going topless even though he is fit

When one looks at Farhan Akhtar, nobody would imagine that the good looking and super fit actor would have issues with his body and be conscious. However, he  says he prefers to cover up his body for photo shoots.

In a show on television called Vogue BFFs, when Kamal Sidhu, the host unveiled a picture of his, he said, "This was last year, while shooting 'Rock On 2', when we came back from Shillong. This is November or December of last year, it was for Daboo's calendar which was this year. There's a lot of diet that's required to even get into shape, for the shot, in particular,".

"I don't like that kind of body at all. I much prefer a body when you wear clothes, you don't like you really have much of a physique going on below it."

One thing no one might know about Akhtar is that he is a shy person and quite reticent. Farhan said: "It took Daboo about six years of trying to convince me to do a shot for him without my T-shirt on. Every single time he would.

- Suneela Kirloskar