Eyeliners: Definition, Depth and Emphasis for Eyes

Fashion is perhaps one of the most practiced and celebrated forms of art that has not only not aged with time but remains as a significant attribute of our social and personal lives. The fashion industry has reached out and created a niche for itself in several domains and markets, and still continues to thrive and proliferate. Not only that, with new trends arriving virtually every season, fashion never remains constant. A vogue may dominate the market during one season, but may not be considered as valuable in the next.
The cosmetic industry has witnessed a similar trend in terms of its popularity. Over the years, several brands of cosmetics have paved the way into mainstream fashion and, through a promise of delivering nothing short of authentic products, have stood the test of time. Cosmetics are regarded as the frontrunners of fashion world.
There is a lot riding on one’s appearance these days. In the tough and competitive world that we all are, fortunately or unfortunately, a part of, looks have an everlasting impression on others. Weren’t they right when they said the first impression is the last one?
Some women might be bestowed with attractive features, but for the others there’s makeup. The market for eye makeup has experienced a definite surge in the last several years, with a plethora of brands and products catering to beauty enhancement that have arrived and flourished in the market. Eyes are the feature that grabs people’s attention when one walks into a room, casting an impression onto others that lingers for a long time. Some of the products used for eye makeup include eyeliner, eye pencil, kohl and eye brow pencils, among others.
BlackGirlNerds.com discusses why wearing eye makeup is important. Eye makeup beautifies what is the most impressive feature of ours – eyes. Applying eyeliners is easy and doesn’t require an arduous process or a lot of time. Available in several colours and forms, it allows women to experiment and try out new looks. The most important attribute of eye makeup is that it serves as a confidence booster. Looking presentable is not only a way to impress others, but also to feel good about oneself.
Eyeliner is a cosmetic used principally to add depth to one’s eyes. Available in a variety of colours and styles, its popularity is highlighted by usage by women all over the world. With online shopping in vogue, a lot of online retailers like Habbana are selling eyeliners online to cater to the needs of women from various walks of life. However, not every kind of eyeliner is perfect for everyone. Daily Mail lists different kinds of eyeliners that are available. It is empirical to know about all of them before deciding on a particular kind.
Felt tip pens are the basic fix for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to highlight their eyes. Whether one wants to add depth to the appearance of their eyes, or give them a dramatic look, or go casual with a mild highlight, felt tips are safest and indeed the best option to have. If felt pins don't provide the required defined finish, pencils will do the needful. One can draw a thicker line to add more emphasis to their eyes. Gels are undoubtedly a better choice than either felt tips or liquids, but they require a more practiced hand. It lasts for a longer period, and therefore is a vital makeup constituent. Using liquid eyeliners are believed to give the best finishes. According to several makeup experts and artists, the eyelid appears bigger with a thinner eyelid. A liquid eyeliner can give a more prominent and emphasised look.
In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, eyeliner was used not only to beautify one's appearance, but also to ward off evil eye; though, there is much speculation surrounding this claim. As a black line around the eye, eyeliners have been known to be used in history as a cosmetic to protect one's eyes from the powerful rays of the sun. Copper ore and antimony were used to make eyeliners. A definite liberation was witnessed in the 1920s, when women wore eye makeup more freely. With the arrival of the gothic culture in the twentieth century, eyeliners started being used more widely; emo subculture, in particular, saw men using thick eyeliners that added more prominence and emphasis to their eyes.