An Everest for the audiophiles

Harman owned JBL recently launched the Project Everest DD67000, an evolution of the much-lauded DD66000 speaker system. Using the most advanced technologies and world-class components, the engineers have indeed created one of the world’s most sophisticated and sought-after speaker systems.

This three-way speaker features dual 15-inch (380-millimetre) three-layer (pure-pulp layers over and under a foam-injection core) sandwich cone woofers for articulate, authoritative bass response. Clear high and midrange frequencies come through a 4-inch (100-millimetre) pure beryllium compression driver. And a 1-inch (25-millimetre), pure-beryllium ultrahigh-frequency driver delivers sounds up to 60kHz – far above the range of human hearing.

Available in rosewood and maple, the Everest DD67000 stays true to our heritage: the world’s most coveted sound equipment. And with a price tag of Rs 80 lakh, it indeed is one.