Emma Watsons Costumes for Beauty And The Beast Made In India

Disney’s remake of fairytale ‘Beauty and the Beast’, with its star cast, gorgeous costumes and stunning sets is truly a visual treat for the audience. While everyone is busy praising Emma Watson’s and Dan Steven’s performance, however lately the movie is in the news because of its Indian connection.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ assistant costume designer Sinéad O’Sullivan shared a picture on instagram, which showed the story behind Belle’s Handcrafted bodice in the movie. According to her post, the delicate work on Belle’s bodice was done by two brothers from Gujarat. The movie’s costume designer Jacqueline Durran got artisans Kasam and Juma from Bhuj, Northern India to hand embroider the outfit using an 18th century French floral design. The outfit was beautifully designed with a technique called “Aari work”, which is a fine traditional stitch to the Kutch area of Gujarat. According to Jacqueline, Belle’s red cape look also had fabric outsourced from India. This post shared by the designer pays respect to various Indian artisans who are striving to earn a living, while keeping the traditional art work alive in the nation.

-    Akhila Kakarala
Pic Courtsey: http://s3.india.com