Eminem Drops ‘Killshot’

The god of rap is back, and how. Legend of the rap world, Eminem dropped a surprise album named Kamikaze, which left fans and listeners alike stunned. Kamikaze took fans back to the golden era of Eminem – disses, sweatsuits, and a lot of swearing. Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, proceeded to trash everyone from Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, to Lil Xan, Lil Pump, and all the other ‘Lil’s in the game. Kamikaze saw the ‘Not Afraid’ rapper unleash years of built up frustration and anger towards pop culture, which was originally one of the reasons for his success. In his later years, Marshall refrained from his playful ways and instead turned to more serious matters in life, but Kamikaze brought Slim Shady back in the best way possible.

Although nobody can spot every single diss, or insult, hidden in Eminem’s complex bars, a few of the lyrics pointed very obviously at some big names in the rap industry, one of them being Machine Gun Kelly. He was mentioned because of an inappropriate tweet MGK had shared a couple of years ago about Marshall’s daughter, Hailie Scott. MGK decided to diss Eminem right back by making a music video and rap song shading Slim Shady himself titled ‘Rap Devil’, which was a play on Eminem’s popular track ‘Rap God’. Although fans enjoyed the beat, the lyrics were criticized as not being as hard-hitting as they needed to be. However, two weeks later Eminem released a Machine Gun Kelly diss track titled ‘Killshot’. Marshall’s song received 2 million likes in just one day and blew up everywhere. Fans rejoiced as it was every bit a diss track that ‘Rap Devil’ wished it was but could not be. The song even takes hits at Iggy Azalea, Halsey, and P Diddy. Meanwhile, during these few weeks of his newfound fame, MGK has announced a new EP titled ‘Binge’ which is set to drop on September 21st. Well, it was a good run, Kelly.

Picture Courtesy –Hailie Scott Instagram, Machine Gun Kelly Instagram, Eminem Instagram