Elegance Personified - Ridhi Agarwal talks with You & I

Simplicity is the truest form of elegance, and designer Ridhi Agarwal’s clothes do justice to this statement. Her subtle and beautifully designed clothes speak for themselves. In the often overcrowded fashion space, it can be incredibly tough to distinguish oneself as unique. But Ridhi has successfully managed to create a niche for herself by designing clothes that are truly one of a kind – made for the modern elegant woman who also appreciates tradition. Ridhi herself is a soft spoken woman who bowls one over with her grace and quiet feminine charm.

Tell us something about yourself and what you do.
I grew up in Delhi, but moved and settled here in Hyderabad after marriage. I now have a young daughter who ensures that I’m always on my toes; she is my bundle of joy. Whenever she is away at school or keeping herself busy, I devote my time to my childhood passion of creative curiosity; be it fashion or craft or art, I like to keep experimenting and challenging myself at every step.Moreover, I am quite an avid traveller. I always find myself going to different parts of the world along with my family to satisfy the cultural exposure I crave, as it broadens my artistic horizon.

What sort of design training do you have?
I graduated in fashion design from the Pearl Academy of Fashion in Delhi. Thereafter I went to the London College of Fashion, UK. Post my educational training, I worked with a few major Indian fashion houses that specialised in ranges spanning modern to traditional aesthetics.

What inspires you during the design process?
I love the power of fashion and the transformative quality of dressing up. There is just something so mesmerising about it, that the subtlest sense of presenting oneself can invoke an everlasting emotion in the form of perception. I believe I developed this inclination towards design quite early in life; as a child I used to see my mother enthusiastically using her spare time for to pursue her creative endeavours. As for my design process, I draw inspiration from the roots of various cultures and the simplest forms of nature, along with international cuts and styling. This is when I let my vivid imagination loose and experiment with various styles and concepts that I actively and consciously expose myself to.

What is the USP of your brand and what kind of women do you design for?
The USP, I believe, is that my clothes represent sheer minimalistic elegance. I use distinctive colours with a striking yet simple design that have intricate and delicate embroidery with hand-stitched embellishments. And it’s all brought together with naturally simple cuts and patterns. It’s for every urban woman who loves a traditional feel, yet a sophisticated and cosmopolitan edge. The collection is feminine and artistic with a sense of exquisite construction and immaculate finish. Much in sync with seasonal trends, the label exhibits a mix of contemporary fabrics and a vivid colour palette.

Who are some of your favourite designers?
Elie Saab, Valentino, Elisabetta Franchi and Anamika Khanna.

Where can we find your work?
I have a studio in Delhi and I retail through lifestyle exhibitions. I am showcasing my work at the upcoming exhibition in Hyderabad – Chapter One, on November 5. People can get in touch with me on contact@ridhiagarwal.com.
What’s next for your brand?
I want to open a studio in Hyderabad and get into occasion wear.        – as told to Suneela