Elaine Paige Uses Hearing Aids

Singer Elaine Paige has revealed that she has had to use hearing aids for the past two years and also admits that five decades in the music industry has had its toll on her ears, damaging them permanently. The 70-year-old says that 55 years of singing and using headphones have affected her ability to hear clearly. She wears the heaing aids every day but insisted that the problem hasn’t been slowing her down nor is it having a negative effect on her work.

She told The Sun, "I'm a victim of my career, having worked in the music business for over 55 years.

"Using headphones, singing with musicians and orchestras in confined surroundings obviously damages the ear."

The songstress was photographed wearing the hearing aids during a tennis match around Christmas time. She has also starred in high profile productions such as the popular Cats, Evita, and Chess. The veteran is now all set to jet off to Australia for a bunch of gigs, as well as several gigs back home. Paige has also undergone years of treatment for breast cancer, of which she was diagnosed back in 1995, before getting an all-clear.

— Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Credits – Elainepaige.com