Eight Amazing Benefits of Water

Most people overlook the importance of water, since it is the most abundant natural resource, water plays a key role in our lives and must never go unnoticed. Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is the best way to stay healthy.

Drinking three to four glasses of water after waking up is scientifically proven to cure various health problems.  

Eight amazing benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning –

1.    Enhances skin texture and radiance- Due to dehydration our skin is prone to develop deep pores and wrinkles. It was scientifically discovered that drinking about 500ml of water before eating food, improves blood circulation and makes the skin shine. Not only in the morning but it is good to keep the body hydrated throughout the day as the body will get rid of toxins.

2.    Supports the growth of shiny and healthy hair- Drinking lot of water is necessary as it affects each hair follicle from the root to the end. According to recent statistics water makes up for ¼ of the thickness of hair. When we consume less water, we lose lot of hair.  To make sure that our hair is healthy and thick it is even better to drink water on an empty stomach.

3.    Weight loss- Obesity is the number one reason behind some of the health issues that we experience. Consuming water on an empty stomach removes the toxins from the body and improves the digestive system. When our digestive system works well then our craving for junk food will be decreased, and we will automatically shed excess weight.

4.    Fights Kidney stones and bladder infections- When we drink water after waking up it will destroy the acids that cause stones in the kidney. This habit will help in eliminating bladder infections caused by harmful toxins in the body.

5.    Supports Immune System- Consuming water will ensure proper blood circulation through the circulatory system, which is a vital part of the immune system.

6.    Improves metabolism- According to a recent study drinking water on an empty stomach will enhance our metabolic rate by 24%. Good metabolic rate ensures a healthy digestive system.

7.    Lessen indigestion and heartburn- When the acidity level increases in the body it leads to heartburn. By consuming water on an empty stomach, the acidity level decreases as a result we can eat a good breakfast.

8.    Stay away from toxins-During the night the body will digest the food and discard the unwanted toxins from the body. When we drink water on an empty stomach these toxins will leave the body.

-    Akhila kakarala
-    Pic courtesy: http://fitnessflavours.com