Eggless Blueberry Mousse

Ingredients                  Qty

whipped cream            1 kg
milk                              1 litre
castor sugar                 200 gm
gelatin                          50 gm
blueberry puree           200 gm


1.   Boil milk, add gelatin, and set aside to cool.
2.   Semi-whip the cream, and refrigerate.
3.   Once the milk is cold, mix with the cream, and split in two equal parts.
4.   In one, add blueberry puree. Leave the second plain.
5.   Place a layer of the plain mousse mix, and allow it to set in the freezer. Make a second layer of blueberry mousse on top, and place in the freezer to set. Repeat the process, alternating with plain
      and blueberry mousse.
6.   Once the whole mousse has set, unmould and plate.
7.   Garnish with blueberry puree.