Dynamic Duo - Vidhushi Ganeriwal and Kavya Marneni

It’s hard to believe Vidhushi and Kavya are only 19 years old; they’re both brimming with confidence and it’s as if the world is their oyster. Best friends, Vidhushi and Kavya met in college and have turned their respective passions for fashion and writing into a joint venture – an online blog called Velvet Tales. We caught up with the duo to find out more about what they do.

How did it all begin?
KM: We met in the first year of college, and since I was always interested in writing and Vidhushi in fashion, we pushed each other to follow our hearts in order to write and style. And we realised that we could club it together and come up with a blog. The USP of our blog is that we don’t cover typical fashion trends, but instead focus on how to renew old outfits.

VG: I do everything related to the fashion and styling part, and Kavya comes up with the story behind it. I don’t follow trends blindly, but style clothes according to my own sensibility. We knew we were good at it and decided to get in it together.

What are your favourite parts of blogging?
KM: My favourite part is making a story out of something. We don’t just write a story, but make sure it revolves around a theme. Since we want the youth to connect to our blog, we have to make a relevant story out of everything. I am not very into fashion; it was Vidhushi who got me into liking it a bit more. But my main interest is writing.

VG: Coming up with something new every month and designing and styling is what I like most about blogging. I always try my best to innovate new stories. I love that it makes me meet new people and go to new places. It’s a roller coaster ride and super fun. My main USP is styling the same outfit in different ways without it seeming repetitive.

What’s the biggest challenge when it comes to blogging?
KM: Not too many people in Hyderabad are familiar with blogging. People associate the term with fashion or personal stories. When we share it on our Facebook page, we still get asked a lot of questions about what it exactly is. We want to get to a stage where we don’t have to explain to people what we do.

VG: One of the biggest challenges is spreading awareness about what exactly a fashion blog is – trying to explain to friends and family that it is not the same as modelling, but a confluence of writing and styling, expressed in the form of a blog.

Do you think this passion will lead you into a full-fledged career in the future?
KM: When we started it was purely based on our passion. But now that we are a year old and the response has been good, we are open to taking it further. It’s a side project that is now so threaded into our main lives that we can’t treat it as something on the sidelines.

VG: I don’t expect a career out of it, but it has given me a lot of confidence. For instance, I styled Soha Ali Khan for Lakme Fashion Week last year, which was a great break for me. It has also pushed me to become a more gregarious person.

How has the blog helped with your confidence?
KM: We had confidence in each other’s abilities, and we knew we would do a great job together as a team. We helped each other believe in our skills and passions, and with every post I believe we keep getting better. In fact, now I actually have the confidence of pursuing a career in writing.

VG: I was very shy – not a camera person – and very introverted when it came to being out there and meeting people. The blog has helped me come out of my shell since it has exposed me to so many different kinds of people. Now I enjoy this part of my job a lot.

What are your favourite fashion destinations?
VG: In India it’s Delhi and Mumbai, and internationally I love Parisian fashion. In Delhi people are more polished and feminine, and I love the laid-back-chic look of people in Mumbai.
KM: (Laughs) Yes, very cliché, but Paris. All of Europe is classic, and I would love to explore Europe soon. And believe me, we have all these plans to check off our bucket list after we graduate!
                                                                                                                                     – as told to Suneela