A Dream of Fashion

Azmina Rahimtoola talks with You & I
How did you get into fashion design?
When I was 16, I witnessed up close how my father’s export house designed and exported clothes to the Middle East and the United States. Since then, I’d dreamt of someday opening my own clothing store. I’ve always had a passion for design and knew it was my calling.
What’s your sense of style like?
I like to experiment with clothes and silhouettes, and feel that my choices are eclectic. I tend to lean towards the quirky, edgy, Boho, and easy and free-flowing styles.
Tell us something about Atosa.
As a multi-brand designer store, our forte is hunting for and promoting fresh talent along with big names. We look for edgy designers who can create different, refreshing looks that suit the store, and encourage them in the industry. We believe primarily in finding new talent.
How do you balance work and play?
As my kids are grown up, since the inception of the store I’ve found it easier to concentrate on that. My kids are independent enough to take care of themselves, and so my work seems to sail along smoothly. Even though I may be at home or taking time out, I’m constantly in touch with everyone trying to get the store together at all times, and always in search of new talent. I am not into production anymore, but I’m very particular about the entry of certain brands into my store.
 Azmina Rahimtoola fashion designer
What do you consier your greatest achievement?
Opening my first store Zoya, which was like my baby. It was my dream since I was 18, and seeing it become a reality was my triumph.
Other than design, what are your hobbies and passions?
I love to surf the Internet to explore the latest trends and up-and-coming designers. I also love to watch movies and English television shows. But my second love after design has to be cooking, and I consider myself to be a genetically blessed chef. Skill in the kitchen runs in my family. I’m a dedicated foodie and love to try cooking (and sampling) different cuisines.
Name five things that you always carry in your handbag.
Moisturiser, hand sanitizer, kajal and a compact. But my absolute essential is my phone.
What’s your take on life?
Enjoy things as they come and be happy. Most importantly, live and let live.         – as told to Shreya