Dream Debut - Daisy Shah

From assisting ace choreographer Ganesh Acharya to making an appearance on the other side of the camera, Daisy Shah has come a long way. Debuting with Salman Khan was definitely a turning point for her, and there’s been no stopping her since then. Read on to learn more about this Jai Ho actress’s journey into filmdom.

You were launched into Bollywood with a bang, with Salman Khan’s movie Jai Ho. What response did you receive?
I got a lot of love from people, and that’s what is keeping me going. Getting launched by Salman Khan is like a dream come true, and I consider myself utterly lucky for that. My aim now is to do good work and make him, my fans, and myself proud. Salman is my mentor and friend, and I look up to him always.

From being an assistant choreographer to Ganesh Acharya, to playing a heroine opposite one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, how did you get the break?
I don’t plan any events in my life. I just embrace opportunities with open arms, and that’s exactly what I did when I was offered this film. I first met Salman when we were shooting for Dabang’s title track. I was shooting for a southern film during the shooting of the other songs, so when I appeared on the sets, Salman instantly asked me who I was and where I was previously. Something seemed to click in him and he instantly asked me to give a screen test, and subsequently offered me the role.

You’ve worked in an action drama, a horror/thriller, and now a comedy. Which genre do you most enjoy?
I’m fairly new in the industry so I’m still trying to find my space by trying out different genres. I want to try working in different kinds of cinema before being typecast. So I’m enjoying every role I’m playing now. This is the first time I’m working in a rom-com, so it’s great.

Tell us about your role in Ramratan?
I play the wife of a guy who is a playboy. My role is all about how she deals with her husband’s nasty actions outside the home, and how she corrects him throughout.

You’ve also worked in the Kannada film industry. What’s next?
I am open to working in any industry; it’s just the script that needs to excite me. I want to do good work, and not just something for the sake of working.

What are the other projects you’re working on?
There are two other Bollywood films that are in the pipeline. One of them is about to start next month, and work on the other will begin around the end of the year. I can’t disclose much about either at the moment.

Who are your favourite actors and actresses?
Kajol and Sridevi are definitely the best actresses according to me. They’ve done so many different kinds of cinema, different genres, emotions and roles. Of course Salman is my favourite actor, apart from Naseeruddin Shah.

Anyone you would you like to share screen space with?
What matters to me is the role, not the playtime of the character, or who I’m acting opposite.

What do you do when you’re not working?
I’m a home bug. I love to chill at home with my family and dog. I’m a big sleepy head, so I catch up on my sleep when I get free time.

Any remake you’d like to be part of?
ChaalBaaz! I absolutely love that movie.    --- as told to Niharika