Dr Sehera and Dr Dennis Wedding Moments

Dr Sehera Himani and Dr Dennis Moledina tied the knot on August 20 at a beautiful and elegant ceremony held at Cipriani Wall Street, New York. The bride, a Pediatrician is the daughter of restaurateur and entrepreneur Akbar Himani and artist and homemaker Sabina Himani, while the groom, a Nephrologist and fellow at Yale, is the son of retired teacher and banker who reside in Bhuj Gujarat.

The wedding was a culmination of an almost week-long series of events leading to the big day, starting with the mehendi ceremony held at the Himani residence. The venue of the outdoor party saw a partially transparent tent that made the most of the gorgeous greenery and sky views around, with fresh jasmine (mogra) vines entwined around a decoratively carved wood swing in the centre where the bride sat. The striking swing had pretty tassles hanging overhead in shades of green, lemon yellow, and hot pink. The garlands of jasmine delicately fragranced the wafting breeze around with a softly sounding waterfall by a gazebo in the centre of a Koi filled pond, designed to please the senses.


Sabina Himani, Dr Sehera Himani, Dr Dennis Moledina and Akbar Himani

The next function was an outstanding sangeet that had a theme of a Mumbai food court, with various stalls of popular Mumbai styled foods along the lines of Bade Miya’skata kat, Elco paani-puri and chaat, Iranian Cafe style Berry Pulao, Parsi Dairy farm, Koliwada Fish Fry and more, with favourite desserts and authentic mithais flown in from well known vendors like Suleman Usman. The decor was traditional Indian with colourful embroidered and mirrorwork umbrellas and fabrics hanging over the pretty walkway, edged with lanterns casting a soft glow. This led you to the main area with ornately bordered fabrics in deep hues draped all around.

Following this was the haldi ceremony where the bride was brought in by her cousins under a red and gold designed and fringed canopy with an accompanying dhol. She was then made to sit on a low decorated stool to carry out traditional beautifying rituals with a turmeric paste.

Farida Moledina, Dr Sehera Himani, Dr Dennis Moledina and Gulamhusein Moledina

The wedding itself consisted of a nikah ceremony where the bride wore a soft shimmery green and gold outfit with a long head scarf adorned with handmade crocheted embellishments on the border. This was followed by a reception in a stunningly decorated hall filled with fresh flower decor in perfect shades of ivory, peach, soft pink, and sage green. Shooting sprigs of white orchids everywhere gave an almost ethereal quality to the ambiance. The bride sparkled in a deep teal blue lehenga scattered with crystal patterns—making her look like a royal Indian princess, complete with a stunning head ornament.

Family and friends celebrated every function with gusto and warmth. It was a wonderful celebration of love indeed.

Fakirmohamed Tyrewala, Mehrunissa Tyrewala, Dr Sehera Himani, Dr Dennis Moledina, Sabina Himani and Akbar Himani

Gulamhusein and Farida Moledina with Dr Dennis Moledina, Dr Sehera Himani, Iram and Ishan Lalani

Sanaa, Sabina, Dr. Sehera, Akbar and Zaynah Himani

Iram Lalani, Farida Moledina, Dr Sehera Himani, Dr Dennis Moledina and Gulamhusein Moledina

Stunningly decorated hall - Cipriani Wall Street, New York

Pic courtesy: Emron Ah

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