Don’t Leave It to Luck!

Sports stars take their fitness routines seriously. After all, it’s not luck that’s made them into the mega stars that they are on the field. In addition to having a natural gift or flair for their chosen sport, every sports star relies on three things to work in their favour: discipline, dedication and commitment.

It’s easy to see the success that star athletes enjoy on and off the field and become enamoured by the glitz of their lives, and view their bodies as God’s gifts. But it takes a whole lot of work to actually keep those bodies in top form. They work extremely hard on their diets, fitness and overall lifestyles.


As the saying goes, nothing worth it comes easy, and sport stars prove this since they put in hours of time in the gym, spend countless hours training to increase their endurance and strength, monitor their diets fastidiously, and are disciplined to the T. This means no late nights, no parties, and no alcohol. The motto they live by: the harder you work, the luckier you get. Touché to that!
Here is a look at how three Indian cricket legends make sure they always have their A game on.


Rahul Dravid
Lounging in bed till noon is definitely not something Dravid has ever done. He starts his day at 6 am, with a metabolic run followed by a meditation session of about 30 minutes. He takes his patriotism for India very seriously, and makes sure that he is never slacking and always in form while representing his country.

He hits the gym three times a week, at the very least, where he does cardio and weights, but makes sure the latter are never heavy and only light ones. “As a player, you have to be flexible and quick. If you overbuild the muscles you lose some of your flexibility. Therefore, I don’t do heavy weights,” adds Rahul. Having the mental fitness required to play the sport is as important as physical fitness. He makes sure he achieves this by doing a lot of aerobic exercises to get the heart rate going, coupled with yoga to relax the mind. Needless to say, he watches his diet meticulously.


Yuvraj Singh
While Yuvi might be a poster child for the typical Punjabi man – tall, well-built, with a love for good food and the good life – very few know that he is very disciplined in spite of what might appear otherwise.

Like Dravid, he is not a fan of building too much muscle; rather, he makes sure his focus is on aerobic activity in the gym to keep his stamina on point, coupled with light weights for strength.
His hard work off the field keeps him physically fit on it. Yuvraj knows that at his level of sport only the fittest survive, and he keeps reminding himself of this fact.


Virat Kohli
He is probably the best cricket star of this current generation, and reaching this point didn’t come easy. It took Virat a lot of introspection, dedication and forgoing his favourite things to become his best physical self.

Virat has admitted that he had to confront the fact that his training was horrible, his food habits were unhealthy, and his mindset was not ideal. He had to change it all if he wanted to be the best. He now spends an hour and a half in the gym, is off wheat and gluten, and doesn’t indulge in soft drinks, cocktails or desserts. He says he now has unlimited energy because of these small but tough changes.


Here’s what you can learn from your favourite cricket stars:
Hard work is everything.
To have physical fitness, you need to first develop mental fitness.
Attitude is everything – you can do it if you really want to.
Nothing is impossible. Dedication and discipline can get you anything you want. You just need to want it enough.
Everything counts. The hours you put in the gym, what you put into your mouth, how well you sleep, and how mentally happy you are – it all adds up.
Focus on stamina and strength by doing a lot of cardio, light weights and yoga.
Aim for a balanced life, because ultimately the body and mind are interconnected and support each other’s
well-being.    – Suneela