Diane Kruger And Norman Reedus Confirmed To Be Pregnant

Actress Diane Kruger and her beau, Norman Reedus, are expecting a child, although there has been no official announcement from the couple itself. But now we have visual confirmation! The couple might be mum about the alleged pregnancy, but Kruger’s body can’t hide it forever. The 42-year-old was seen hailing a cab in New York City and the wind blew her floral top up, revealing the baby bump fans have been waiting to see. Fans also got a peek at the elastic top of her maternity jeans. Diane has tried to cover up the bump at other events, such as the night before when her and Norman, 49, were spotted out and about, enjoying dinner with friends, including designer Jason Wu. But even then, her beautiful blue maxi dress failed to hide the bump. 

Although this will be Diane’s first child, The Walking Dead actor has had a child before with his ex-girlfriend, Helena Christensen. The former couple, whose son is 18 years old now, named him Mingus Lucien Reedus. It has been a while since Reedus went through fatherhood but we are sure that the two will make amazing parents to the impending newcomer in their family! 

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Courtesy – Diane Kruger Instagram