Cyrus Sahukar Loves To Act

Cyrus Sahukar has been featured in movies such as Delhi-6 and Aisha. The host-cum-actor has revealed that he wants to act way more and he absolutely loves it.

"I have done very little cinema because a large part of my life has been focused on gigs. About 80 days a year, I am on the road doing live events for corporates... I can say that acting is something I absolutely love. Therefore, a few years ago I promised myself that I must do theatre and had a really good time doing it," Cyrus told IANS.

"Whether it was 'Delhi-6', 'Aisha' or 'Love Breakups Zindagi', I believe that the movies that I have done had very interesting and meaty roles. They were roles that I enjoyed doing. Would I like more? Of course, I'd like more," he added.

His stint as a MTV VJ helped him with acting as well.

"I feel like in MTV, I primarily played many weird characters and for me that was like an acting performance. I do believe that the VJs at that time were very colourful and when you are a colourful person, there are a lot of aspects of yourself to explore that may lead them to become good actors.

"Also, the people who don't act in real life are very interesting on camera because there is an openness and a weird timing to them. There is a glimpse of their soul in every character that they play," he said.

Elovator Pitch, co-hosted by Cyrus, premiered last month on MTV.

Picture Courtesy – IANS