Customise your favourite handbag with Hindmarch stickers

British accessories label Anya Hindmarch is increasing the whimsical aspect of her already playful collections with the addition of leather stickers for spring 2015. Last season Anya’s food-inspired bags was a sell out and had everyone giving an ode to snacks and cereals with her bags that were inspired by Frosted Flakes, digestive biscuits, ginger nuts, and all those standby teatime snacks exalted in England.

Stylist Charlotte Stockdale 
This season Anya draws inspiration from her school days and her childhood habit for sticking stickers on her schoolbooks.  Anya collaborated with the stylist Charlotte Stockdale and the schoolgirl version of personalisation was immortalised in leather.
You can adapt this whimsical quotient for your own back-to-school look and give it a grown-up makeover as you’ll be able to choose how you would like to personify her collection to fit your own style.


Launching exclusively at Pont Street, Knightsbridge, this location has been transformed to the Bespoke Boutique, where it’ll be part workstation and part shopping experience. For those of you not in the London area, expect her designs to be available online very soon.

.....Devashree Goenka