Cucumber, avocado and tomato tartare with basil tomini and garden greens


Wash the lettuce and set aside, covered with wet cloth. Blanch, skin and deseed the tomatoes. Dice them.
Peel the cucumber and avocado, dice them. Mix all the vegetables together, add chopped mint, salt and squeeze lemon juice over it.
Blanch beans and cherry tomatoes. Toss with olive oil, season with salt and black pepper.
For the tomini, deseed the red chilli and chop it. Slice basil and chop the garlic. Mix all of those ingredients with the hung curd, season with salt.
Plate as illustrated.

Ingredients                                 Qty

cucumber                                       1
avocado                                    30 gm    
tomato                                           1
mint leaves                                    10
salt                                            to taste
lemon                                             1
olive oil                                       10 ml
beans                                          10 gm
fresh lettuce bunch                          1
coriander (sprigs)                            3
cherry tomatoes                              2
black peppercorns                          3
For tomini
hung yoghurt                                 50 gm
basil (sprigs)                                   2
garlic (cloves)                                 2
salt                                              to taste
olive oil                                          5 ml
red chilli (dried)                               1