Ingredients                                                      Qty
filo pastry sheet                                                2        
cheddar cheese                                               30 gm
cream cheese                                                   50 gm      
fresh herbs                                                      10 gm      
green chilli                                                       30 gm      
olive                                                                 100 gm    
potato                                                               200 gm    
leek                                                                   1 gm    
white wine                                                          60 gm
butter                                                                 50 gm
1.   Defrost and separate the filo sheets. Arrange them on a tray.
2.   Apply melted butter on each and refrigerate for a few minutes. Cut into 4x4” squares.
3.   Make a filling with chopped green chillies and the
4.   cheeses. Place on the filo pastry squares and roll. Deep-fry till golden brown.
5.   Toss the potatoes, leeks and olives in butter. Simmer for a few minutes and add white wine. Once  reduced, add herbs and pour over the rolls.
6.   Serve hot.

For the paste
bird’s eye chilli                                               10
lemon grass                                                    4-5 sticks
turmeric powder                                             1 tsp  
galangal (peeled and diced)                          1 small piece
ginger flower                                                  2 stalks
shrimp paste                                                   5 tsp  
shallots (diced)                                               1 small bowl


For the stock
oil                                                                   3 Tbsp
chicken broth                                                  2 cups
water                                                               2 cups
lemon grass                                                    2 stalks
kaffir lime leaves                                              5
tofu (cut)                                                         40 gm
coconut milk                                                   ½ cup
salt    to taste
noodle                                                           10 gm
bean sprout                                                   50 gm
shrimp (cleaned and cooked)                        10
eggs (hard-boiled and quartered)                  3
bell pepper (shredded)                                  to garnish
coriander leaves                                           to garnish
lemon wedge                                                to garnish

1.   Blend the bird’s eye chillies with a small amount of water to make 3-4 tablespoons of chilli paste.
2.   Finely slice the white part of the lemon grass.
3.   Blend all the paste ingredients together until smooth.
4.   In a stock pot, add oil. Sauté the paste until it becomes aromatic.
5.   Add chicken broth, water, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and tofu. Bring to a boil, then lower the
      temperature and simmer. Add coconut milk and salt as required. Let it simmer.
6.   Boil the noodles and drain the water. Set aside.
7.   Place the shrimp and egg on top of the noodles.
8.   Pour the laksa stock over the noodles.
9.   Garnish and serve hot.