For over a century, Alfa Romeo has inspired greatness on and off the track. With a nod to its racing heritage, the Giulia represents a new breed of premium sports sedan that knows how to redefine the rules of the game

The Alfa Romeo Giulia arrived late in the 2017 model year and sees some worthwhile changes for 2018, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It delivers confidence-backed performance thanks to advanced rear-wheel-drive technology that offers more grip during acceleration and better handling at high speeds. For even greater control, the innovative available Q4 all-wheel-drive system delivers all-season traction and optimizes performance by transferring up to 60% of engine torque to the front axle


The near-perfect balance and calculated combination of ultralight materials–including carbon fibre, aluminium, and high-strength composite materials–help this Italian sports sedan achieve best-in-class horsepower and torque.

he Giulia is equipped with the standard rear back up camera with dynamic gridlines and the rear park assist system with parking sensors, for enhanced visibility. It is fitted with an innovative electromechanical braking system that reduces braking distances and optimises brake pedal pressure to increase the feeling of vehicle control.
With an unmistakable elegance, the aerodynamic lines and race-inspired stance of the Giulia are a mix of pure power and ingenuity. Yet beneath all this beauty lie carefully selected materials that ensure its optimal weight distribution.


As a defining touch to its distinctly Italian design, the celebrated central shield and air intakes are sculpted within the front fascia to form the signature Trilobo, an Alfa Romeo design staple. Finally, top-down personalization elements are yet another way drivers can take their Alfa Romeo experience to a higher level.  

The Giulia is expertly and artfully assembled at a newly renovated, world-class sustainable plant located in Cassino, Italy. This high-tech environment uses world-class manufacturing processes with a special emphasis on innovation, precision, energy efficiency, teamwork and engagement.         – Source: Alfa Romeo