Colonial Splendour

Jewellery designer Chitwn Malhotra’s English home in West Punjabi Bagh is a mix of classic structure and modern artefacts. She lives in this independent bungalow with her husband Praveen Malhotra, in-laws Sunita and Arun, and daughter Myra. While Chitwn is the founder and chief designer of Dillano Luxurious Jewels Ltd., Praveen is in the export business.

The white exteriors of the bungalow, together with the long driveways and lush green gardens on both sides, give the space a colonial look. Built almost 10 years ago, it has been home to Chitwn ever since she got married five years ago. Speaking about the bungalow, she says, “While the basic theme is that of a traditional English bungalow, every room has a theme of its own, characterised by the accessories used.”
The driveways and the 15-foot pillars lead to an arched porch. Enter through the main door and you will arrive at the lobby, which hosts a large sculpture of Lord Ganesha, a large television screen, and some chairs. Move on to the drawing room on the right and you find a gold-foiled Gautama Buddha sculpture at the entrance. The large space features beige chairs and sofas, beige and red curtains with leather work on them, a huge wooden bar, and a cabinet stocking silver crockery and artefacts. While the entire space features mainly neutral furniture, accessories and upholstery in red and gold add a splash of colour. In one corner, there is a 12-seater glass-top dining table with carved teakwood legs. This room opens out onto the front garden and is mainly used for formal gatherings.
“All the artefacts have been collected during our travels, over a period of time,” says Chitwn, adding, “We’re not big on paintings so you won’t find too many of those in the house. We prefer sculpture, idols and vases.” All the furniture is made of teak, while some table tops are made of Italian marble, green onyx and mother-of-pearl.
The ground floor also hosts a modern kitchen in a colour theme of beige and pink. Featuring state-of-the-art appliances and a breakfast table, this space is where the family has their smaller meals. Also on this floor are four bedrooms, the master bedroom (where Chitwn’s in-laws stay), Chitwn and Praveen’s bedroom, Myra’s bedroom and a guest bedroom. Myra’s bedroom follows a baby pink ballerina princess theme, complete with posters, pink fairytale wallpaper, a pink leather beanbag, stuffed toys, and a pink bed.
Chitwn’s bedroom follows a blue and gold theme, featuring a king-sized teak bed with mother-of-pearl carvings, coloured glass side tables, and a wooden television cabinet. Every room has attached bathrooms, and this room also has a large walk-in closet providing ample space for her clothes and accessories.

The first floor leads to a bigger drawing room and party area that is used on informal occasions. The space has a lot of seating, accessories in red and pink, and a unique table made from the trunk of a coconut tree. It opens out to a balcony that is used for bonfires on winter nights. With a well-stocked pantry, the floor is quite self-sufficient. There are also two guest bedrooms on this floor. The second floor has a large open terrace with a dome structure and some casual seating.    
Tastefully decorated, this simple yet classy home is a fusion of classic elements and contemporary structures, making it a delight for every visitor.                                                                                                                                                                 - Niharika