The Classy Game-Changer

What: Rolls-Royce Sweptail Who: Anyone who can afford i Why: $13 million

What list would be complete without a Rolls-Royce? They don’t get much more luxurious – or expensive – than the Sweptail. In a rare collaboration between manufacturer and customer, the 2017 model is a one-off coupé that a super-yacht and aircraft specialist commissioned with unique tastes, and deep pockets. Premiered at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, the automotive equivalent of haute couture was patiently built over the course of four years.    

According to the British manufacturer, the prime inspiration for the car comes from the round-door sides of the 1925 Phantom I and the rear of the 1934 Phantom II Streamline Saloon. In addition, the Gurney Nutting Phantom II two-door light saloon coachwork from 1934, along with the Park Ward 20/25 Limousine Coupe from the same year helped reaffirm its pinnacle position in bespoke personalisation.  

So how can one explain a cost well north of $13 million? Well, just look at the build of this open-top two-seater! The elegant rear features a massive grille, milled from ingots of aluminium and polished to a mirror finish. Further emphasising its considerable width is the front fascia that is framed in a brushed aluminium ring. The finishing touch is a panoramic glass roof that ends in a pointed tail.   

Without sacrificing an ounce of aesthetic or luxury, the craftspeople tried to keep the high-end leather interior clean and orderly by eliminating as much switchgear as possible. There is a wood-covered luggage shelf in the rear seat, which looks like someone inserted a section from the deck from a yacht. They even found space in the door sills for attaché cases, to hold a laptop. Talk about extravagant.