Classic Beauty Sudha Reddy

Creative and hospitable, the artistic Sudha Reddy is an independent personality from Hyderabad and the director and wife to the M.D. of a well reputed infrastructure company. Though she has a degree in fashion designing and in Microbiology, this gorgeous damsel looks after the management of her company as well as its corporate social responsibility activities, and manages and maintains a palatial bungalow in Jubilee Hills.
Sudha has a keen interest in interior design and has decorated her entire house in a classical European style. Everything from the selection of paintings and artefacts to the choice of colour for the furnishings was personally supervised by the lady herself. “I had several ideas in mind while the house was being built, so I decided to do the interiors on my own according to my taste and preferences,” she says.
The extravagant house speaks volumes about Sudha’s tastes. The entire property, from the gate to the interiors, is splendid.Minute detailing has been given to every object. Sudha adds, “My travels around the globe have given me more exposure and helped to broaden my horizons in terms of fashion and interiors.” Known for her friendly nature, Sudha makes every guest to her home feel welcome, and goes the extra mile to keep them comfortable and happy. You & I visited her lovely residence to experience her hospitality first-hand, and to discuss a range of topics such as life and her sense of fashion.
What’s your sense of style like?
It’s very classical. Cleopatra, Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe are my fashion idols, and I like to incorporate their tastes into my own outfits. Though I like Western fashion, I do like to don the innocent South Indian look at times.
Do you have a go-to principle for fashion?
Keep it simple without too much fuss or bling. I try to stick to a style that suits my body and personality.
Which brand of watch do you prefer?
Jaeger-Le Coultre.
And for handbags?
Chanel and Judith Leiber.
What are your beauty essentials?
I prefer the natural look, so a good and even base and makeup that highlights my eyes are the most important things. I also love the essential oils from Egypt, and only use those and other Moroccan oils when bathing.
How do you keep your skin so flawless?
I try to live a stress-free life, exercise well, eat healthy food, and drink plenty of cucumber water and green tea.
Sudha Reddy 
Name some things that are always in your handbag.
Estée Lauder perfume, sunglasses, and my mobile phone.
What is your favourite fragrance?
Pleasures by Estée Lauder and Poison by Dior.
Where do you spend most of your time?
In the shower! (Laughs) I shower for three hours every day. My bathroom is the best part of my house; a very luxurious space.
Tell us what you do to keep in such fantastic shape.
I’m very particular about exercise, so I work out five days a week for 90 minutes each day. I do yoga and cardio with my personal trainer, who works with me at the gym in my house. My diet is also under control, and I eat everything within limits.
What is your favourite cuisine?
What is your favourite restaurant?
Buddha Bar in Paris, The Chambers at the Taj Krishna, as well as the restaurants at the Taj Palace in New Delhi and the Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur.
Who is your role model?
The intelligent Princess Diana was gorgeous inside and out, and was very down-to-earth and helpful.
Where do you get your fashion advice?
Every person has her own sense of style, and I don’t believe in following anyone. I pick up a lot of fashion cues from my travels around the world.
What are your favourite brands?
For Western gowns, I like Lebanese designers Tarik Ediz Tareeq and Zuhair Murad, whereas among Indian designers I prefer Neeta Lulla and Tarun Tahiliani. I’m also fond of Chanel and Burberry.
What is your favourite holiday destination?
Istanbul, as well as several other countries in Europe. During my travels, I enjoy observing the local people and their culture, seeing the sights, and trying out the local spas.
Do you like reading?
Yes, I’m an avid reader and love romantic novels. My favourite author is Nicholas Sparks, whose “The Notebook” is my favourite piece of literature.
Describe yourself in a few words.
I’m artistic, grounded, hospitable and very reserved.
How do you unwind?
I enjoy spa treatments, as they help me relax and feel calm.
What is your favourite colour?
Subtler ones like white, pink and red.
What are you most comfortable in?
A casual jumpsuit; I can wear it anytime. The all-time classic, however, is the saree. Though I have a large collection of jewellery, I don’t like wearing it much.
What do you do in your free time?
I get involved in several activities at the office. My family is also involved in the construction of properties like temples etc., and I help in that.
Who’s your favourite actress?
I admire Angelina Jolie. She’s stunning, talented and evergreen.
How do you balance your personal and professional lives?
It’s very easy to manage things if you do it in an organised manner.
What is your favourite shopping destination?
Los Angeles and New York.
Name some must-have fashion collectibles.
Sunglasses are a mandatory fashion accessory, as well as a pretty solitaire ring.
What’s your principle for life?
Live each day to the fullest.
How do you enjoy passing the time?
I enjoy going on long drives in my car, the Bentley Classic Hottie.
Tell us about the connection you have with your home.
I’m quite attached to my house, so much so that after every holiday, I look forward to coming back home. My near and dear call it my boyfriend. I also have several pet swans and dogs. 

..... as told to Niharika