Chocolate Mille Feuille

Ingredients                               Qty

For sheet
melted white chocolate             200 gm
For mousse
egg yolk                                           8
castor sugar                            120 gm
melted dark chocolate              800 gm
fresh cream                              250 ml
whipped cream                        750 gm


1.   Whisk egg yolk and castor sugar in a bowl on a double boiler till it reaches 75° C. This mix is called sabayon.
2.   Boil the fresh cream in a pan.
3.   Mix the melted chocolate, sabayon and cream slowly.
4.   Allow to cool.
5.   Fold the whipped cream into this mixture till a smooth creamy mousse is achieved.
6.   Melt the white chocolate and spread on a plastic sheet. Once hard, cut the chocolate into 7x4 cm pieces.
7.   Cover with a plastic sheet and leave it in the fridge for five minutes.
8.   Arrange the chocolate sheet and mousse in layers. Dust with cocoa powder.
9.   Garnish with fresh strawberries and serve.