Chennai’s Mediterranean Heaven

“What’s in a name?” we might ask. When it comes to restaurants, it’s all about the experience, right? That’s true, but the name can represent everything you can expect, and demand, from an evening f fine dining. That’s why Kefi, the Mediterranean restaurant on Taj Mount Road in Chennai, is perfectly named. The Greek word ‘kefi’ has no English translation that does it justice; joy, bliss, passion or ecstasy is about as close as you can get.

Kefi harnesses and blends the flavours and cuisines of Greece, Morocco, Spain, Lebanon and Turkey. And it’s doneso harmoniously that a dining experience here is a treat to your taste buds. The restaurant seats 80 comfortably, and includes alfresco dining for 28 on the rooftop. The menu features a variety of dishes from which to choose, from the traditional to the contemporary, all made with olive oil and the freshest of ingredients.

Some of the exotic fare here includes Antep Mezze, a traditional Turkish cold mezze of green pepper, parsley, onion, tomato and chilly pepper; DolmadakiaYalatzi, a Greek specialty of vine leaf filled with vegetables and Egyptian rice; Moussaka, a Greek preparation of eggplant and zucchini in tomato sauce with mashed potatoes; Samak Makhli, pan-fried pomfret with Middle Eastern spices; Prawn Pastilla, a Moroccan specialty of prawns encased in a flaky golden pastry, and much more.

A tempting selection of breads and spreads is also available. A meal should, of course, be ended on a sweet note. The only problem here will be choosing one, with desserts like Baklava, phyllo pastry with walnuts and pistachio, flavoured with rose syrup; and Kazan Dibi, rice custard with sugar and cinnamon. Beverages, apart from a choice of wines, cocktails and mocktails, include Moroccan Tea and Turkish Coffee. The restaurant’s cutlery has also been specially chosen with the Mediterranean theme in mind - custom-made wood-handled cutlery, crockery from Feather Touch and glassware from Schott Zwissel.

The cuisine, the lovely beverages and the warm décor of the restaurant all contribute to the Mediterranean theme it celebrates. But the most special way you will be taken to another time and another land, even as you watch the bustling city of Chennai, is to participate in a quaint custom borrowed from the lands this space replicates. One way of expressing kefi is by smashing plates, symbolic of the unutterable ecstasy that fills you and requires a dramatic outlet. Guests at Kefi can procure a plate for a small price, and break it, at the end of their evening. This not only ensures a memorable and unusual end to a lovely evening, but also helps some worthy causes; proceeds from the sale of these plates go towards charities working for environmental causes.

Kefi, Taj Mount Road
#2, Club House Road,
Mount Road, Chennai - 600002
Phone: 044 66313131