Change Is Good

It brings a new charm to our lives. Change in oneself is even better. There are so many things that we in our subconscious mind inculcate and make a part of our habits that disturbs us often but we are ignorant of it. Because let's be real, being clear of our self is a dying thing. So, let's Change is good

Stop Complaining
There are so many things going wrong with you right now. True! Life is unfair or unjust. False! Because life gives everyone a fair chance to either make it or break it. So stop whining. That won't budge the reality. Instead take it head on.
Stop Judging
If you think prejudice comes naturally to you, you are fooling yourself. Try to be a positive person so as to send likeable vibes. After all being positive doesn’t harm. Be accepting.
Stop Criticising
Constructive criticism is to flow from experts. So, unless you are one, you can’t really tell them the rights and wrongs because then that would be counted as a perspective. Besides not everyone takes criticism in stride so why bother yourself. Be your own critic.
Stop Interfering
Why are you so curious? It’s their life so it’s about them not you. Give your opinion if asked for. Otherwise you are only going to end up annoying them. Analyze your compatibility and behave accordingly.
Stop Expecting
Expectation is a happiness crusher. It lets you lose yourself when you don’t get what you expect. It’s a lesson which learnt earlier will benefit better. Do what you want to do for others irrespective of the returns.
Stop Procrastinating
Live in the moment and not in dreams. Want to travel, travel. And the same goes for painting, dancing and playing. You are the first hindrance to yourself. Stop saying and start doing.
Stop Intimidating
It’s not cool. Stop doing that to those inferior in position. You have no idea what their life is like. Stop giving them a hard time. Just be on ground and do what you have to do.