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Sashi Nahata trip to Maldives

Weddings rank among the most important days in many people’s lives. So who wouldn’t want to commemorate the occasion amidst the picturesque backdrop of white sand, blue waters and palm trees? Sashi Nahata always dreamt of going to the Maldives, but it never occurred to her that it would be on a trip that would mark the 25th anniversary of her wedding to Alok Nahata.
The islands of the Maldives – on the trade route of the Indian Ocean – have some of the planet’s best beaches, and boast amazing underwater worlds and dazzling coral beds. There are endless ways to celebrate here, including both weddings and honeymoons. Maldives destination wedding packages are perfect for an unforgettable, elegant beachfront wedding ceremony and reception. The Maldives offers a wide range of romantic enchantments: candlelit dinners under the stars, thrilling getaways to nearby unpopulated islands, or just watching the endless, turquoise waters from your beach bungalow.
Sashi Nahata with Alok Nahata 
Sashi and Alok, celebrating 25 years together, wanted to make it memorable, and in fact they’ve planned celebrations for every month. In January, the couple decided to take off to the Maldives along with their kids, Sheetall and Anant. They headed to Paradise Island Resort and Spa for a four-night trip. “We wanted to relive our initial married years. Usually, the first year is filled with celebrations and a lot of travel. It was the sixth month of our revelry. The Maldives came across as a place to relax, and it dazzled us as a holiday destination for couples. Though we took our kids along, we spent a lot of time by ourselves, lazing around the island resort and merrymaking.”
“We were on the beach most of the time,” Sashi said. “It was like a honeymoon trip. We dined together, danced and participated in karaoke. It was an awesome place; the white sand and transparent waters were just amazing. We saw a stunning sunset, and when it got dark, the sky was full of stars. In fact, the beach bungalow we were staying in was built on shallow water. We could literally see fish under our feet with our naked eyes. The water even reflected different colours at different locations. It was like an open aquarium with the most beautiful coloured water.”
Sashi Nahata with Alok Nahata 
The Nahatas had chosen to do a photo shoot that showcased the couple in wedding outfits. Dressed in a white wedding veil, Sashi was able to live out her dreams. They also shot a video album on the occasion. “The best part of the trip was the photo shoot, which was very special. We were very excited to see mum and dad in wedding attire. We hired professionals to do the shoot in two phases: one with our parents, and the second with the entire family,” added Sheetall.
The Maldives is also perfect for scuba diving, snorkelling and other water sports. Both Sheetall and Anant ventured out a bit into a local village and the capital, Male, and took part in some adventurous activities. The capital city offers a chance to see the Maldives away from resorts and pools; it’s a hive of activity featuring a local marketplace and a relatively dense population, unlike the other more laidback locales. “Scuba diving was the highlight of the trip. We were first-timers, so we didn’t go too deep, but the experience was just out of this world. The water was very clear, and we could see fish swimming alongside. However, for all first-time divers, we definitely recommend a second dive,” Sheetall added.
Paradise Island Resort and Spa 
The Nahata family was left mesmerised by the island and resort from the minute they stepped out of the speedboat until the moment they left. Their resort was lovely and had everything you could want for a true Maldivian experience, which is just what they got.     – Rahul