Cara Delevigne On Carnival Row

Supermodel cum actress Cara Delevigne has revealed that she feels issues such as “immigration, classism and racism” have to be talked about, while also admitting that that is one of the main reasons behind doing the series Carnival Row. The show has been directed by Jon Amiel and is summarized as a fantasy-noir series that is set in a neo-Victorian city, inhabited with mythical creatures that are fleeing their hometown which has been torn apart by war. It documents all the tension between the citizens and the growing immigrant population.

Cara talked about her role at a Prime Video Presents 2018 event, "The part I play has so much fire... Other characters and the story relate to what is happening in the world right now,”

"(The show addresses) social and political themes. Immigration, classism and racism, important themes that need to be addressed more and more. It's fantasy that we have never seen before," she added.

Using a series of unsolved murders as the point of story progression, the series follows the investigation of these crimes which are having a lasting impact on the barely-there peace which somehow managed to still exist. Popular actor Orlando Bloom will be playing the role of Rycroft Philostrate, a police inspector, and Cara plays a fairish refugee who flees her homeland to come to the Burgue. It is to be released on Amazon Prime Video in 2019.

She talked a bit more about her role, saying: "She is a survivor. She has been a victim but doesn't know what is she surviving for now. Everything has been taken away from her. Her culture and her family." She was then asked about her co-star, Bloom.

 "We had crossed paths before, I had seen so many of Orlando's films, so it was a dream to work with him and to get to work with a friend." The Lord of the Rings star himself described the show as "sort of Dickensian, steam-punk, Victorian world with these remarkable and beautiful mythical creatures".

"When I got to Prague and saw the set they had built I was blown away, it was truly remarkable," he added.

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Courtesy – Cara Delevigne Instagram