Britain Unveils A New One Pound Coin

Britain Unveils A New One Pound Coin

The Royal Mint in the U.K. has unveiled a new 1-pound coin that it says will be the world's most counterfeit-proof coin. The new British one pound coin has been designed by a 15-year-old who beat out more than 6,000 entries. Featuring the four symbols of the UK – a Tudor rose for England, a thistle for Scotland, a shamrock for Northern Ireland and a leek for Wales emerging from a Royal Coronet, the coin uses two colours of metal, silver and gold, has 12 sides and includes the Royal Mint’s anti-counterfeiting technology, adapted from banknotes and embedded in coins for the first time.

Chancellor Osbourne commented that David Pearce would now leave a “lasting legacy” with the new pound coin. The brief, which was supplied by the Royal Mint and launched on their website, described the criteria for a design for the reverse side.Entries included images of cups of tea, flags, maps, the weather, famous writes and seaside piers.

David Pearce’s winning design was refined by David Lawrence, the renowned coin artist, and Stephen Raw, a lettering expert.

Osborne unveiled the coin ahead of this year's Budget, explaining that the threepenny bit shape was chosen in honour of the Queen, as the original 12-sided threepence coin was the first she appeared on.

The current £1 coin has been in circulation since 1983 and The Royal Mint estimates that about 45million £1 coins in circulation are now forgeries. The new coin, which goes into circulation in 2017, will be “the most secure coin in circulation anywhere,” the U.K. government said in a statement.

..... Devashree Goenka