Breakfast and Beyond

Breakfast and Beyond
They say you can eat breakfast any time of day, and it’s not something we’d disagree with either. From dosas in the morning to eggs at night, there’s rarely a breakfast food that can’t be substituted in as lunch or dinner. Honestly, what would you rather have for your evening meal: a boring sandwich or a succulent Belgian waffle with a side of crispy bacon? Breakfast truly is the food of champions. Check out our picks of the best breakfast foods in Hyderabad (most are available all day), and make sure you sample a few (or all) of them. Your taste buds will thank you!

Fruit Juices
Day or night, fresh fruit and fruit juices are great pick-me-ups. Apart from the plethora of health benefits, fruit juice can be the perfect start to a day. One of the best places to grab a healthy cup is Booster Juice, especially as most of their menu items don’t have any added sugar. The international chain has several outlets in the city and offers a variety of blended fruit beverages. Along with kokum juice and rose lemonade, Booster Juice has healthy shots like wheatgrass and gooseberry extract – mostly at reasonable, double-digit rates.

A very common order at cafés or during teatime, croissants are always better as their buttery factor goes up. They weren’t always readily available, but most cafés and delis in Hyderabad stock them these days. There’s little more pleasing to the palate than this soft French pastry. A good croissant is flaky and tears off in delicate layers when pulled apart, and one of the best in Hyderabad can be sampled at Flury’s, at the GVK One food court. These savoury delights come in two varieties: plain and masala. Strange it may sound, but the latter (stuffed with green chilli, onion and coriander) is packed with flavour and costs just Rs. 40.

Let’s move on to continental Europe. First stop: Belgium, and its famous export, waffles. Made from a batter leavened with yeast and eggs, and cooked in a special iron, waffles are a delicacy in Hyderabad. Finding a place that makes really good ones isn’t easy.  We asked around and got mixed opinions, so we decided to try them ourselves. Ofen in Banjara Hills serves up the best in the city – classic, chocolate chip, and banana, all served with chocolate sauce, maple syrup, honey and whipped cream. In addition, Ofen has Spanish omelettes, chicken sausages, baked beans on toast, pancakes, and a range of morning favourites from the patisserie.

Hash brown omelettes
A breakfast favourite, hash browns can be tough to come by outside McDonald’s. Thankfully, Ruci & Idoni Bistro serves up some delicious options. Not only does the classy bistro have an all-day breakfast menu, but their menu also includes an innovative hash brown omelette – a conventional omelette caked with mashed potato and salami bits, and topped with cheese. It comes with a side of potato wedges and a baked tomato. If hash browns and omelettes weren’t interesting enough, this dish is sure to appeal to your palate – a definite must-have, and quite a filling meal for a relatively modest Rs. 160.

Eggs benedict
Speaking of English breakfast foods, have you ever tried eggs benedict? If you’re not familiar with this mouth-watering treat, let us just say that it’s perfect for any time of the day. The traditional recipe calls for poached egg and bacon atop a buttered English muffin, all drenched in rich hollandaise sauce. If you haven’t had the opportunity to sample it, it comes to us as no surprise; it isn’t easy to find in Hyderabad. Of course, we were over the moon to discover that the charming Truffles Café serves the dish. Though they offer virtually anything your stomach desires – from a simple egg white omelette to blueberry pancakes – nothing compares to their eggs benedict. It might set you back by a few hundred rupees, but it’s worth every bit.

Filter coffee
Mornings are incomplete without a cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee. In South India, that means filter coffee. Made from beans grown in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh, filter coffee is sweet and milky, has a distinct aroma and taste, and is served hot in a traditional steel cup. But making good filter coffee is not as easy as it sounds – brewing the decoction requires just the right ratio of coffee powder to water, and topping it off needs the right amount of milk. Belson’s Taj Mahal in Secunderabad offers some of the city’s best at Rs. 20 per cup.

Mysore bonda
These round, fried fritters made from urad dal start off as a thick and fluffy batter. The recipe for Mysore bondas is quite simple; the dish can be whipped in a few minutes. The short preparation time is the reason behind this fried snack’s immense popularity at small eateries and stalls. And the dish is popular not only in Mysore, but across the rest of South India. Most tiffin centres and South Indian outlets feature Mysore bondas throughout the day, and several stalls remain open through the night serving the dish. One of the most popular picks is a stall near Peddamma Temple in Jubilee Hills; they serve up their recipe with heavenly coconut chutney. The bondas are thick, crispy and well worth the calorie intake.

Pizza dosa
Last Saturday night, after we finished clubbing at 1.30 am, we were extremely hungry. A friend drove us down to Krupa Tiffins, a small stall right next to the Ramakrishna Theatre in Abids. From the convenience of the car, he ordered something unusual called ‘pizza dosa’ and asked us to taste it before jumping to conclusions. To our surprise, this rather sizeable dosa arrived with a thick layer of cheese (thicker than the base itself) and tasted divine. It was hot, the cheese melted in our mouths, and there was no way we could resist licking our fingers. Served throughout the day and priced at Rs. 90 per dosa, it’s a bargain. If you’re not too fond of cheese, try the paneer dosa instead. Also on the menu are idlis, Mysore bondas and vadas.