Braised Lamb Shank

Ingredients           Qty
lamb shank 400 gms
carrots, leeks, and celery dices 40 gms
lamb jus    30 ml
lamb stock 30 ml
red wine 250 ml
rosemary 10 gms
For saffron risotto  
carnaroli rice 40 mgs
saffron water 10 ml
grated parmesan cheese 25 gms
vegetable stock 75 ml
oil 10 ml
chopped onions 20 gms
butter 25 gms
chopped parsley 20 gms
lemon zest 20 gms
For gremolata  
lemon zest 10 gms
garlic 10 gms
parsley 10 gms
rosemary    10 gms


1. Marinate the lamb shank with diced vegetables, rosemary, and red wine.
2. Pan sear the lamb shank on a hot plate and braise it in the oven after covering the shank with lamb stock and lamb jus at 160°C for three hours.
3. For the saffron risotto, in a hot pan, add little oil and then add the chopped onions and carnaroli rice and sauté it. Add saffron water and vegetable stock; then cook the risotto.
4. Season the risotto with salt and pepper and finish it with lemon zest, rosemary, chopped parsley, butter, and grated parmesan.
5. For the gremolata, air dry all the ingredients and chop them.
6. Serve the lamb shank with the saffron risotto on the side and garnish with rosemary and sprinkle gremolata on top.