Braised Fish Chilli Dry

Ingredients                          Quantity

ginger (chopped)                 20 gm

garlic (chopped)                   20 gm

onion (chopped)                   40 gm

celery (chopped)                   15 gm

corn flour                                25 gm

sugar                                      2 gm

spring onion (julienned)     2

red chilly (paste)                   25 gm

red chilly (fresh, chopped)  1

vinegar                                    10 ml

oil                                            20 ml

salt                                          to taste

tomato ketchup                     10 gm

fish (boneless)                     150 gm



 1.      Cut the fish in thin slices and roll the slices.

2.      Marinate the fish in salt, white pepper powder and vinegar.

3.      Dust the fish with corn flour and fry.

4.      Heat the wok, add oil, chopped garlic, celery, ginger, onion and the chopped fresh red chilly.

5.      Add red chilly paste and tomato sauce. Sauté well.

6.      Add fried roll fish into the sauces and toss, sauté till done.

7.      Check for seasoning and finish with spring onion. Garnish with fried garlic.