Bonds of Love

 “God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.” Rudyard Kipling was on to something when he made this astute observation. Celebrating this most special of bonds on the occasion of Mother’s Day, You & I visited some families in Hyderabad to find out more about the mother-child dynamics they share. Read on to find out what moms had to say about their kids and the bonds they share.    

How has motherhood changed your life?
I didn’t realise that there was so much love inside me! I feel like a different valve has opened up where this kind of love was hiding all that while. It’s just incredible! Life has changed completely, and I never thought it would. It’s all about her and what she needs. Believe it or not, she has a bigger closet than mine! By the time I enjoy seeing her in something, she’s already grown out of it.
What’s she like now?
She repeats things when we say them. She even knows when I’m upset or in a good mood. There are times when she picks up things and looks at me to see if she’s allowed to, and she waits to gauge what I’m thinking – she’s very obedient that way. She’s made me realise that I’m a very laidback mother; I didn’t think I would be. I take her to the gym with me, and she gets the best exercise with the colourful equipment!
What has given you the most joy?
Feeding and bathing her – the joy she has on her face then... nothing feels better! Now she’s started dancing with her waist, which is so adorable!
Anything you’d like to change about it?
Yes! They grow up too quickly. I wish each month could be longer so that I can soak it in more. Before you start enjoying something, they grow out of it with something else. I’ve realised that there are more people who want to take pictures with her than with me, too! Just the other day, someone walked up to me and asked if they could get a snap with her, and I was the one behind the camera!

..... Anahita