Black Angus with rustic potatoes

Ingredients                                Qty
black angus rib eye steak            4       
butter                                           1 tbsp    
olive oil                                         1 tbsp    
fresh thyme                                a few sprigs       
rosemary                                    a few sprigs       

For the marinade        
sea salt                                    as required
black pepper powder               as required
garlic (crushed)                       as required
olive oil                                    as required

For the rustic potatoes
baby potato                                500 gm            
sea salt                                   as required
fresh thyme                            a few sprigs
rosemary                                a few sprigs
garlic                                      as required
olive oil                                  as required

1.   Preheat the oven to 250°C.

2.   Clean the meat, and dry with a kitchen towel. Set aside until it is room temperature.

3.   Marinate with pepper, sea salt, olive oil and crushed garlic.

4.   Heat a little oil on a griddle. Sear the steak evenly on all sides.

5.   Put the steak on an oven plate, and add the herbs and butter.

6.   Cook in the oven till done. Cover in foil and set aside for ten minutes.

7.   For the rustic potatoes: preheat the oven to 250°C. Wash the potatoes and cut in into halves. Place on an oven tray, season with salt, olive oil and herbs. Roast for 25 minutes.

8.   Serve the steak with rustic potatoes.