Bharwan Potli Murgh kebab

Ingredients                          Qty

chicken breast                    4 pieces
minced chicken                   200 gm
beaten whole egg                1 no.
ginger-garlic paste              20 gm
crushed cashew                  10 gm
sliced almond                      10 gm
poppy seed powder             10 gm
fresh cream                          20 ml
cardamom powder                2 gm
shahi jeera                            5 gm
sugar                                     2 gm
finely chopped green chillies 5 pieces
turmeric powder                    a pinch
roasted jeera powder            1/2  tbs
garam masala powder           10 gm
kewra water                           few drops
fried onion                            10 gm
chopped coriander                few
mint chop                              few
ghee                                     30 ml
salt                                        to taste


1. Wash the chicken breasts properly and remove the excess fat and mucus tissues if any; slit the breast  into butterfly shape half. Pound them individually and apply a pinch of salt and spices, mix it and keep aside.

2.  Take a pan and add ghee, shahi jeera, and ginger-garlic paste and cook for a couple of  minutes on a slow flame, now add the minced chicken, chopped chilles, salt and cook for a while.

3.   Add chopped nuts, coriander, mint, kewra water, fried onion, salt, jeera powder, garam masala powder, cream, cardamom, and poppy seed powder; mix thoroughly and allow it to rest. This mixture will be used       for stuffing into the Potli.

4.   Layout the chicken breast and apply the beaten egg white on the inner part of the chicken breast. Stuff the chicken breast with the sautéed prepared mixture.

5.   Collecting the corners, tie it with spring onion leaves to form a Murgh Potli and cover it with an  aluminium foil.

6.   Roast the Potli chicken in an oven at 160 Celsius for 25 minutes. Serve the Bharwan Potli Murgh Kebab with mint chutney and salad.