Ben Affleck Leaves Rehab – Returns To Destructive Lifestyle?

After checking into rehab for the third time, actor Ben Affleck has once again returned to his Beverly Hills home before his treatment was done. It all started when the 46-year-old’s estranged wife, Jennifer Garner sprung an intervention on Affleck, which, according to reports, he was drunk and belligerent during. She pushed the actor to seek treatment, at least for the sake of the former couple’s children. Ben eventually agreed that he needed the treatment and Garner even drove him down to the facility and he joined in willingly. Reports recently surfaced that the Gone Girl actor has left his treatment and returned home which came as a surprise to everyone who wished the actor well. According to Radar Online, the actor was spotted going into his mansion and he looked absolutely exhausted, which has led to suspicion amongst fans that Affleck has already relapsed and returned to his old ways.

Some blame Affleck’s company for his partying ways, namely playboy model Shauna Sexton, who Affleck was rumoured to be dating right before his rehab stint. The 22-year-old is very open about her love of partying and alcohol, which has caused some accusations to be hurled in her direction. Of course that just seems absurd as Affleck is a grown man who is capable of making his own decisions, but the fact that Sexton was seen visiting his home soon after he got home from rehab hinted to the fact that he down a self-destructive path again. Reps for the actor have confirmed that he has returned home and left his treatment and was even visited by Sexton, they reassured fans that there is no need of any concern as Ben is still committed to his sobriety. He has reached an agreement which allows him to return to his own home to work out in his own gym. Sources close to the actor revealed that he will leave the facility on a regular basis but will return after his workout is done. Sources have also reported that Ben has had a tough time at rehab, a lot of which owes to his family therapy with Garner. The confession sessions had Affleck opening up to his former wife about his affair with the couples’ nanny, Christine Ouzounian, whom Affleck slept with while he was still married to Garner. We hope this family is able to work through this tough time.

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Courtesy – Pinterest