Beetroot and goat cheese with saffron and apricot chutney

Ingredients                             Qty

beetroot (roasted)                     1
extra virgin olive oil                    20 ml
almond (peeled)                        30 gm
cream                                        20 ml
milk                                            100 ml
goat cheese                              80 gm
raisin (chopped)                        5 gm
walnut (chopped)                       5 gm
apricot                                       30 gm
saffron                                       0.01 gm
cinnamon sticks                         1 gm
orange juice                              10 ml
white wine vinegar                     15 ml
sugar                                        10 gm
basil sprigs                                5 gm
salt                                            to taste
pepper                                       2 gm


1.   Thinly slice the roasted beetroot and marinate with olive oil, salt and pepper.

2.   With damp hands, roll the goat cheese, walnuts and raisins into three marble-sized balls. Refrigerate.

3.   Boil the almonds with milk until soft. Remove from heat, add cream and make a fine puree.

4.   Cook the apricot with white wine vinegar, saffron, sugar and cinnamon until the vinegar evaporates. Drizzle of orange juice and olive oil.

5.   Arrange the beetroot slices, goat cheese, almond puree and apricot chutney as desired. Garnish with basil.