The Baroness of Design

Eminent fashion designer Adarsh Gill lives in a lavish home on Rajesh Pilot Marg in Lutyens’ Delhi, a half-acre property on manicured lawns. The eclectic colonial home was built more than 25 years ago, and reflects her chic and classical design sensibilities. Luxurious and elegant, it encompasses the design of a traditional colonial bungalow with expansive gardens on both sides.
An ace fashion designer and couturier, Adarsh started her label SAAZ in New York in the 1970s and sold out of stores like Neiman Marcus and Macy’s. The urge to return to her roots moved her back to Delhi, where she continued to complete commissions for Parisian design houses and started an eponymous label. A master of structured and tailored silhouettes, Adarsh’s fashion sense is a fusion of Oriental forms and Western elements. The multi-talented lady started designing exquisite silver furniture in 2009 and launched a related label, Adarsh Gill Home.
The colour palette used throughout her house includes Wedgewood blue with a touch of cobalt, and this theme continues from the veranda to the living room, while in the dining room the colours change to grey and forest green. The artefacts and furniture follow colonial and Art Deco themes, while the furniture is a mixture of teakwood and silver furniture, some of the pieces designed by Adarsh herself while the others were collected. “I have designed all the curtains, upholstery, soft furnishings and some of the furniture. My love for silver is evident. It keeps the mind cool and gives my home a regal look,” she says.
Entering the small hallway 
Entering the small hallway, we’re greeted by a silver swing and two Nandi bulls in steel. This area opens up into a long corridor featuring a painting with vibrant colours, as well as a mirror framed in silver. This in turn leads to the luxurious living room, decorated in the Art Deco style of the 1930s. Wedgewood blue is the dominant shade, and striking antique chandeliers collected from Adarsh’s travels around the world are joined by a lovely fireplace. Plenty of mirrors add elegance and space to the living room.
We cross this, and to the left is a guest room done up in Adarsh’s quintessentially elegant style. The drawing room extends into the dining room, which features a splendid table that seats ten, made in silver with a glass top and pale green furnishings, and a colonial sideboard from 1859 that showcases curios. A little way ahead of this is the veranda, which features a fuchsia sofa and opens out onto the beautiful lawns, which feature a rather striking fountain.
I wanted the house to look beautiful 
“I wanted the house to look beautiful,” Adarsh says. “Each piece had to be a conversational one that can make the room it’s in look good. That’s the reason I have used striking artefacts and accent pieces rather than accent wallpapers.”
The drawing room also branches out to a library on the left and follows into the master bedroom. “I spend most of my alone time in the library or my bedroom, whereas I unwind and entertain friends in the veranda or drawing room,” says Adarsh. This library, decorated with warmer tones of brown and bearing two Chesterfields with jamevar and several bookshelves, is a contrast to the master suite.
The drawing room 
Adarsh’s bedroom features a king-sized, four-poster bed made of silver with a couch and coffee table alongside it. The bedroom has a white lilac ceiling and pale green walls that match the silver furniture. “I used colours in the form of accessories, wherein strong colours are used so that the room looks beautiful,” she tells us.
Art and paintings form an integral part of the interiors, too. The works of artists such as Satish Gujral, G.R. Santosh, Vasundhara Tiwai and many others were collected over many years. Subtle tones for the walls these are on accentuate the paintings, driving focus and attention to them. There’s also another living room next to the library, and the walls in this one are also blue, with small niches featuring a darker shade of ink blue. This area has more silver tables, paintings, urns and mirrors to complement the rest of the house. The remaining four bedrooms are located at the back of the house.
Adarsh’s bedroom features a king-sized, four-poster bed made of silver with a couch and coffee table 
Artistically decorated, Adarsh’s regal home fuses classical elements as well as contemporary styles, and has been decorated with finesse by the fashion and interiors baroness herself.    

..... Niharika