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Shivani Malik talks with You & I
Tell us about your journey with Da Milano.
The journey has been absolutely exciting and challenging. I started with Da Milano eight years back when I got married to Sahil Malik, and given my expertise in marketing and branding, decided to help my husband. I took up this challenge when we had only two Da Milano boutiques and now looking back am delighted that we have 50 successful boutiques.
How have you seen this brand grow over the past few years?
Da Milano is the country’s fastest-moving fashion accessory brand.We are well-established,loved and recognised by our customers. We have seen immense growth in terms of sales, brand recognition and customer loyalty.
Da Milano has mostly dealt in bags. Can you tell us more about Da Milano homes and Rosso Brunello?
Leather jackets, wallets, and belts in our maiden collection were displayed at Da Milano’s first boutique at Connaught Place. Bags came much later. We added Rosso Brunello to our portfolio in 2009, and keep adding new products. Recently we introduced the Da Milano Leather Jewellery and Da Milano Home collections, and are planning to launch impulse accessories like leather jackets, scarves, watches, eyewear and fragrances.
You have tied up with designers from across the world. Throw some light on that.
We have a design team in Florence, Italy, and also a small team here in India. Our aim is to bring about an amalgamation of modern and contemporary styles that forecast trends in leather accessories in India for every season, be it spring/summer or autumn/winter.
How does the collection change with fashion trends?
The collection is designed to cater to the trend report of every season.We manufacture about 300 different designs in the women handbag category, 120 designs in the men’s bag category (which includes laptop bags and sling bags) and approximately 150 new designs in the wallets and belts category every year.The inspiration for Da Milano Italia is to create leather goods with clean lines, detailed finishing, and superior quality. To ensure the art of craftsmanship and manufacturing, Da Milano facilitates the production of leather fashion accessories that follows international manufacturing technology in different parts of the country.
 Where do you see this brand ten years from now?
I expect Da Milano to be recognised both nationally and internationally.
What is your personal fashion mantra?
For me, fashion is comfort. If you are not comfortable wearing a particular garment, then no matter what, you will never look stylish.
How do you and Sahil divide your roles?
I take care of marketing operations for the brand, and Sahil takes care of expansion and all retail operations of Da Milano.
What do you like doing when you are not working?
When I am not working, I like to spend time with my son.                                                                               ..... as told to Vatika